IDEA Suggestion to prevent from Corona Virus

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Is Corona Virus is nature or artificial? The below suggest works when corona virus is nature.

As per my understanding, corona virus is under goes mutation process every times. If you able to stop its mutation process, it would lead to destroy that virus. Because of DNA mutation, this virus lives.
I think that Virus takes the source for mutation from the human. Generally the human DNA mutation reasons are,
  1. Sunlight
  2. X- ray Radiation
  3. Any kind of smoke
  4. Chemical or drugs
  5. Non Vegetarian Foods
So We have to avoid the above mention facts, that help to reduce the virus mutation process.
Now we can align the treatment model,
  • The corona virus infected human make them stay separated room without any sunlight and X-ray radiation.
  • Avoid any kind of smoke including Air Conditioner entering in that room.
  • Avoid taking any kind of drug for your illness like headache, body pain,etc
  • Avoid consuming chemical content foods. (Even if the fruit or vegetable contain chemical content avoid it)
  • Take the food which help to increase the human's immune system
  • Avoid taking any form of non vegetarian foods.(Even don't take milk, it would be more good).
  • Keep monitoring the Virus mutation process, Whether it got reduce by above measures.
Notes: Its my thoughts, I didn't have any experience. If the above content reasonable, Please take necessary steps..